I'm having a draw on February 28, 2018, that will give the winner an opportunity to create the profile of a particular character in my next novel, which hopefully will be released at the end of April, 2018.


The character chosen to customize is a warm, intelligent, assertive and heroic person who can be either a man or woman and who currently makes three important and dramatic appearances in the first novel, but I'm not yet sure how many appearances there would be, if any, in the second novel taking place roughly twenty years later.


   Starting today, you can enter the draw by simply sending me an email (see below) with just a few words like, "Use my character!"

    Once the name is drawn, the winner will receive a form that's along the lines of the one I use for my character profiles. It'll ask for things such as a physical description, any physical challenges, type of humor prefered, temperament details, quirks that could be used, and any other general stuff that he/she would like to see from the character as long as it follows the feel of the book. The winner can fill it out as he/she wishes and can even name the character (even using their own name) as long as it follows the traditional naming format of the time and place.


   And finally, I would have to send along with the profile form a simple legal agreement for the winner to sign off on giving me all rights to the character he/she created.


   After the book is released, the winner will receive a personalized signed paperback of the first novel and also every novel in the series after that, which there is expected to be ten of.

   And as a final-final note, the winner will not be announced unless he or she allows it.

   Thanks and good luck!



You're in the draw!