About Michael Kroft

Michael Kroft is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He completed his first novel in 2014 by accident. Writing short stories as a pastime, one he was working on in 2012 kept growing until it was a novel, and yet he still had much more to say about the characters.

Current Works:

The Four-Volume Family Saga Series Herring Cove Road:

On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Rosen and His 43Lb Anxiety

Still on Herring Cove Road: Hickory, Dickory, Death

Off Herring Cove Road: The Problem Being Blue

Before Herring Cove Road: Ruth Goldman and the Nincompoop


The Family Saga Series, The Lovelys' Family Tree:

Lovers, Brothers...and a Pig: The First Generation, Circa 1715 (Coming February 15, 2020)

Michael with his muse, Cloe. She was reluctant to have her picture taken since she thinks her fur coat makes her look fat. Luckily, no one has the heart to tell her it's not the coat.

Even at fifty, he still doesn't get what a diving board is used for, prefering to think of it as a "bouncy bench."

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