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Coming October, 2020

She’s a strong and determined first-generation colonist who has come to despise slavery. He’s an indentured servant, a recent arrival and a pacifist who has been misinformed and is unprepared for his duties as an overseer of slaves. His brother's an impulsive and rambunctious twelve-year-old who makes friends with everyone and everything he comes across, and all three now work under the cruel and narcissistic overseer of a large tobacco plantation. Separately and together they’ll be challenged and changed in this tale of life, loss and love in colonial America, where before there was the Wild West, there was the Eerie East.

Brought onto the estate two years earlier as a governess, Becky recently became the estate’s maidservant working under the watchful and lustful eye of the tobacco plantation’s overseer and widower, Master Philpot. Now with the tragic passing of her fiancé and having had more than enough of slavery and anyone having anything to do with it, Becky wants to leave Virginia to begin a new life.

A brave and gentle soul who would defend anyone but himself, William surprises his family when, to escape England’s mines, he signs a seven-year indentured contract as an apprentice overseer of slaves for a Virginian tobacco plantation. It’s an unusual contract but one he feels suited for: caring for slaves, making sure they're fed, sheltered and fit to work -as the London agent very much understated it.

Due to his reputation for cruelty built mostly on rumors, few from Williamsburg to Jamestown will work for Charles Philpot, and those who would he would never want working for him, so every seven years he requests an indentured servant. Unlike his reputation for cruelty, his reputation for getting what he wants without a care for those whose feet he steps on, or worse, has been proven, and now he wants Becky.

© 2016 by Michael Kroft