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Following ten generations from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, each stand-alone novel introduces old and new characters while mixing humor, romance and pathos to tell a story of life and love in America.

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A tale of adventure, love and survival in colonial America... when before the Wild West there was the Eerie East.

By now, Becky expected to be married and starting a family in Boston, but she isn’t. With her fiancé dead, she's now a house servant nursing the ill wife of a Virginia tobacco plantation’s narcissistic and paranoid overseer, Charles Philpot, who now desires her. Having had enough of slavery and anyone having anything to do with it, she plans to leave for Boston to begin a new life alone.

Only ever seeing a slave in passing, William escapes his work in the mine by taking an indentured contract as an assistant overseer of a tobacco plantation's slaves. It's an unusual contract but one he feels suited for, ensuring the slaves are safe, healthy and happy as the London agent had very much understated it. After a trying time coming to Virginia, he finds himself torn between his new tasks and his conscience while adjusting to his new environment and watching over his twelve-year-old brother, who stowed away on the ship and is now indentured to the same plantation.

Due to his poor reputation built mostly on rumors, few from Williamsburg to Jamestown want to work for Charles Philpot, and of those who do, he wouldn’t want them to, preferring to request an indentured servant every seven years. Unlike the rumors, his reputation for getting what he wants without a care for whose feet he steps on, or worse, has been proven, and it's going to be proven again when he carries out his revenge against the tobacco plantation and all the souls on it.

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August 2024

Twenty years after arriving in Virginia as indentured servants, the Lovelys own both a large tobacco plantation and a cider mill, but where William Lovely and his wife, Becky, have created a family of seven, Oscar Lovely is a widower of three years and a father to a seven-year-old.

In this second tale of adventure and love, Oscar finds some needed adventure while finding love in an unlikely place after trying to find it in an even unlikelier place. Around the same time, his oldest niece, who’s looking to start a family, returns from her last year of schooling in Massachusetts to meet the last young man her family would want her to marry, causing more conflict than she would have expected.

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